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What is 5 Pin Bowling?

Using a 3-4 pound bowling ball, a player rolls underhand and attempts to knock down bowling pins that are 60 feet away. There are only 5 pins to knock down each frame and the pins have different point values. In 5 Pin bowling, a bowling “game” consists of 10 frames, and in each frame a bowler can have up to three shot attempts to knock down the 5 pins. Higher scores can be attained if a bowler can knock down all the pins in less then three attempts. A shot that results in all the pins being knocked over in one shot is a STRIKE. If all the pins are knocked down in two shots, then it is a SPARE. 

5 pin bowling uses the same lane setup / dimensions as the popular 10 pin bowling. However, the pins and bowling balls are different shapes and sizes. The pins are wider and have a rubber band around the belly of the pin to create “pin action”. The balls are approximately 5 inch in diameter and do not have finger holes. Special bowling shoes must be worn while bowling to protect the lane surface. Bowling shoes are unlike regular shoes, instead of a rubber sole, the sole of the shoe is a leather material to ensure the bowler can slide while delivering the bowling ball.

Our friends at St. James Lanes in Winnipeg has put together a great video on how to bowl for beginners. 

How To Bowl: Basics of 5 pin Bowling – YouTube

For more details on 5 pin bowling, click our digital “Lets Go Bowling” book which will break down everything you need to know from tips and tricks, terminology, keeping score, and more! 

Don’t forget to keep practicing!